Skin Conditions

  • Skin Cancer

    If you notice any changes in your moles, for example flat moles that change shape or colour, or new moles, you should make an appointment to see a dermatologist.

  • Mole Maps

    Keep track of the spots on your skin and make note of any changes from year-to-year.

  • Eczema

    Atopic eczema occurs due to a defect in the barrier function of the skin. This defect is due to an inbuilt error, as opposed to an allergy. However, having a defective barrier can leave you more prone to developing allergies.

  • Psoriasis

    Psoriasis happens at any age. There is often a genetic component, unmasked by many triggers.
    Essential facts:

  • Acne

    Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the United Kingdom. Although it’s common, accurate information about acne can be scarce.

  • Itchy Skin

    Are you suffering from itchy skin? Possible causes that are making you want to scratch include hives and allergies.

  • Hair and Scalp Problems

    Many people have hair or scalp problems. Their hair may be thinning or falling out, break off, or grow slowly. Dandruff or an itching or peeling scalp may cause discomfort.

  • Sweaty Skin

    Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes excessive sweating. The word “hyperhidrosis” means too much (hyper) sweating (hidrosis). It is normal to sweat when hot or nervous, but if you sweat for no apparent reason you may have hyperhidrosis.

  • Contagious Skin Disease

    Some lumps and bumps can occur as a result of an infection with a virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite.

  • Rashes

    Some rashes can signal that you need to seek emergency help. Other rashes come on slowly and do not directly harm your health, but could signal that you may have an internal disease.

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