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Anita Amin
02, Jul 2020

My telederm web app is an affordable way of getting a consultant’s opinion with a few days. Since its launch last year I have helped children with Lyme Disease and disfiguring acne, I have diagnosed adults with skin cancer, and I have recommended over the counter remedies for skin rashes.

Our skin tells a story and looking clean and healthy is subconsciously important especially in these times of contagious coronavirus.

I am proud to support LEPRA, a charity that works for patients with leprosy worldwide. In these times of COVID we can all relate to how a patient with leprosy must feel. I have been worried about having the virus and passing it on to loved ones and others I meet.

10% of the cost of a telederm consultation (£2) goes to LEPRA  if you choose this charity. Leprosy could still caught as early as 70 years ago in the UK. It can still be caught in Europe and of course is a serious problem in poorer countries.

my telederm charities

Credit: Wellcome Library no. 567273i

There are  around 200,000 new cases of leprosy worldwide.  All ages, including children, can be affected, which means they can be rejected by their families and left destitute because of stigma.

my telederm charities

Credit: Wellcome Library

With the COVID era, patients with leprosy are finding it increasingly difficult to find food and medication, making the charity’s work even more important.

I am excited to be able to support a project that expands access to a dermatology mobile decision support tool in Botswana, a project of the Women’s Dermatologic Society which provides decision support for the diagnosis and management of dermatologic conditions. This project is under the umbrella of the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS). This society has partners around the world including the World Health Organization (WHO), with whom it works to improve skin health for all people around the world. 10% of the cost of a telederm consultation (£2) goes to ILDS if you choose this charity during your telederm consult.

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